Meghan Markle, Women.NYC, Pennsylvania: Broadsheet May

By Valentina Zarya 7:47 AM EDT

PA’s pink wave. Currently, Pennsylvania’s 18 House members and two U.S. senators are all men. But the days of an all-dude PA delegation are over: In the Fifth Congressional District near Philadelphia, Republican Pearl Kim and Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon won their respective primaries on Tuesday, and will face off in the general election. It was big night for female candidates in the state: Kim was the sole Republican woman running, but the Democrats nominated at least seven women for House seats. Fortune

No gender roles? Women take care of the kids, men bring home the bacon. Like it or not, that’s the typical setup in a heterosexual household. Same-sex couples, meanwhile, have long been thought to divide up chores more equally—an assumption that does not hold true once the couples have kids, according to new research. Though the couples are still more equitable, “one partner often has higher earnings, and one a greater share of household chores and childcare.” These findings show that what we think of as gender roles are not just about gender, notes NYT‘s Claire Cain Miller: “Work and much of society are still built for single-earner families.” New York Times

• Haspel’s path is clear. The Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday recommended Gina Haspel as the next director of the CIA, a decision that clears the path for her confirmation by the full Senate. Wall Street Journal

Young women want a way out. The number of young Americans contemplating or attempting suicide rose sharply between 2008 and 2015—a trend that disproportionately impacts girls. While the study didn’t dive into why exactly the number of teens contemplating self-harm more than doubled, it adds to evidence that mental health problems are taking a bigger and bigger toll on young women. Fortune

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Lolita Taub has joined Backstage Capital as an investment principal. She is a former investing partner at Portfolia. Sarah Smith, a former executive at Facebook and Quora, has joined investment firm Bain Capital Ventures as its first female partner. Air France-KLM board member Anne-Marie Couderc will be appointed as non-executive chairwoman of the airline company.

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