Pool floats for your dog are a thing now and we will not enter summer without them

The obsession we have with dogs is all too real. 

And with summer quickly approaching, we're already dreading leaving for vacation without our best friend.

But it's okay, because you can give your fur baby a luxury pool day of his or her own with these Funboy x BarkShop pool floats for dogs. Yes, it's a thing. Don't question it.

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Funboy, a company known for its massive luxury pool floats, has teamed up with BarkShop, a company known for its super unique dog toys and treats. So yeah, you could guess that a collaboration of those two things could only result in something precious AF.

Image: funboy/barkshop

Image: funboy/barkshop

The dog pool floats are just $59 each, and include a retro pink convertible (get in loser, we're going floating) or a fancy white yacht (holy ship). Each float is crafted with thick, puncture-resistant plastic and is equipped with a lined treat compartment, in case your pupper needs a refreshing glass of dog champagne while she's relaxing.

Floats are 58 inches long, 31 inches wide, and can hold fur babies up to 70 pounds. There are also matching ones for us humans, because that is an obvious necessity.

Check them out in action and get a glimpse into your summer:

Man, life is ruff.

Check out the convertible float or yacht float for $59 each, or get a matching set for you and your doggo for $169 here.

Image: funboy/bark shop

Funboy x BarkShop pool floats for dogs — $59 See Details

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